Welcome to The Infotention Network

The Infotention Network... provides courses and resources that enable participants to transform their relationship with information to one of sustainable focus, confidence, mastery, and ease.  The Network’s programs, curricula, and tools enhance the participants’ ability to source, select. and process information; to transform information into usable knowledge; and to disseminate that knowledge as enriched enterprise intellectual capital.
"Infotention is a word I came up with to describe the psycho-social-techno skill/tools we all need to find our way online today, a mind-machine combination of brain-powered attention skills with computer-powered information filters."
-Howard Rheingold

Core Workshops

Presently, the Infotention Network offers two course modules: A half-day “Infotention Workshop” and a half-day “Curation Workshop."
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Train The Trainer

If you have a defined trainer/facilitator resource as part of your enterprise Learning strategy, we offer an Instructor Certification in the Infotention and Curation Workshops – each comprised of a one day-long training, per Workshop Certification.
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Enterpise Licensing & Consulting

The Infotention Network will provide consulting and development resources to assist with adoption and integration of the Infotention Network pedagogy to Client enterprise tools, platforms and practices, learning and learning materials on a customized basis. Read More
Life skills for digital literacy....Tools for eliminating information overload
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The Infotention Network