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PLNs the Easy Way

[View the story "PLNs the Easy Way" on Storify]

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A Terrific Resource

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Toward a literacy of conviviality

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Promises and pitfalls of online education

The “debate” “rages.” [View the story "Promises and pitfulls" on Storify]

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Cultivating the Entrepreneurial Learner in the 21st Century

Rich and insightful perspective from the redoubtable JSB. DML2012 John Seely Brown Keynote from DML Research Hub on Vimeo.

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What’s New on the Social Curation front?

From the redoubtable Robin Good’s, we learn of Spundge, a new entry into the social bookmarking and curation field. Spundge uses a notebook metaphor, and is designed to let curators condense all their social “firehoses” into one place where they are filtered and screened. collaborative filtering and other semantic methods lying under the hood combine with active curation processes to build awareness and intelligence (hopefully) into the environment. Definitely one to watch.

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How Social Are CEOs? Interesting that you ask.

Proceeding  from our previous post about the perils of corporate leaders who fail to grasp the significance of the use of social tools and affordances in their enterprise, the Harvard Business School spotlights a recent study that provides an overview of social adoption at the highest level of organizations. The issue of how to develop a holistic and encompassing strategy–and the means to provide the tools for success and sustainable adoption–is stil left unaddressed. It is the Infotention Network’s mission to address this skills gap and provide executives with confidence that their workforce is capable of developing and propagating an […]

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Upworthy-Possibly Quite Worthy

Filter Bubble author Eli Pariser has partnered with Peter Koechly from The Onion to roll out Upworthy, “ a new social media outfit with a mission: to help people find important content that is as fun to share as a FAIL video of some idiot surfing off his roof.” Upworthy seems to be taking an enlightened approach toward

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Welcome to the new world of Corporate Curation

In a recent column, contributor Steven Rosenbaum discussed at length IBM’s efforts at transforming itself into a social enterprise.  The article specifically highlighted the task of curation, one of The Infotention Network’s core skills, as one of the key means that the company is leveraging to being this capability to the fore. This brief article highlights the emerging recognition that new skills, models and distinctions for making sense of the social world are needed. These skills do not arise as a function of engaging with the tools we have before us; they must be consciously developed and applied and […]

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Net Work Literacy

An on line course with Harold Jarche and Jane Hart of the Internet Time Alliance “The programme is for anyone who has spent the last decade or more inside an organisation and is now looking to branch out and connect with the digital reality of the connected economy. Whether you are considering freelancing, working as an alliance or just connecting beyond the corporate walls, this programme is designed to give you a head start.”

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